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Negociecoins exchange platform has one of the best security systems available and it is involved in buying, selling, accepting and storing cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and many popular others in the world. Customers obviously have their account and digital assets protected because of this ultra-security system. The security of funds lie in an offline cold storage where they aren’t accessible when connected to a network. There is also an encryption to protect accounts against fraudsters and hackers. Negociecoins is a Brazil-exchange platform and as the name implies, it allows you to negotiate prices of cryptocurrencies and use the platform to your own convenience. Features of Negociecoins 1. Safety of Funds: The most important thing to Negociecoins is the safety of account and funds. The platform has been designed to make sure data transfer is secure and there is an effective transfer from the server to the user and vice-versa. 2. Maximum Performance: The servers on the platform have been designed with high and advanced technology to enhance high performance when negotiating prices of cryptocurrencies. 3. Warranty: Negociecoins offers warranty for users of the platform to ensure their total participation. All active and online negotiations are instantly confirmed as they are made.


check_circle Customer’s account is safe, secure and protected against fraudsters. check_circle Negociecoins system is built on advanced technology for maximum performance. check_circle All funds are stored offline in a cold storage. check_circle Registration is fast and easy.


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