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Name sounds a little funny but it could be said to deal majorly with exchange. The platform provides trading details on cryptocurrencies and information on tokens available. On the front page, the first announcement you get after being translated to English is: “ET-mining in Transaction High Dividend in Token” Also, there are news updates after the announcement which could be useful. At the topmost part of the site, you will find options such as; Currencies trading, Free token listing and ET. Other options are whether to sign in or to sign up on Exx. Features of Exx 1. Mullti-currency trading: Exx gives an opportunity for different types of cryptocurrencies to be used in the transaction process, so trading could be effective. The higher the number of currencies, the better it is to trade. 2. Activities: Exx is filled with a lot of activities and the most interesting one is getting rewarded for signing up on the platform. This has been put in place so customers would be interested in trading on Exx. 3. Transaction fees: Exx only offer low or no transaction fees. Mostly, these transaction fees are often as trading fees and fees for deposits. However, there are none for withdrawal at the moment.


check_circle Exx is mobile-friendly check_circle Exx has a great airdrop welfare. check_circle They somewhat offer the lowest transaction fees compared to other exchange platforms. check_circle Accommodates different types of currencies on the platform to improve trading.


cancel The site could be difficult to explore with regard to its Chinese translation. Therefore, whoever is visiting the site should be ready to get confused for a minute or more.