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BTC-Alpha is one platform whose mode of operation is straightforward. The four types of coins on Btc-Alpha are BTC, ETH, USD and USDT. For each of these coin types, there are currencies for them, price, volume and changes in 24 hours. One of the most important to do aside trading or buying and selling of orders is to create an account. You can’t operate anonymously so you need to fill in all your details correctly before you can get started. Btc-Alpha also has a chart that shows cryptocurrency pair with regard to time and fluctuation in market. The rise and fall lines on the chart is enough to make you understand market situations at a certain point. If you want to buy or sell orders on Btc-Alpha, there are certain fees you will have to pay and these are trading fees, deposit and withdrawal fees. These fees are in various categories and they change according to changes in market value or condition. Lastly, there is a live chat on the site where people get connected with each other and they can share ideas or solve issues together. This makes the site trustworthy because every user on the chat group has something to say about the use of the platform.


check_circle The site is easy-to-use. check_circle Easy navigation. check_circle Registration is fast and free. check_circle A chat group to keep users connected. check_circle Btc-Alpha is currently giving cash bonuses to new signees.


cancel No information about the storage of assets. cancel Account can’t be operated anonymously. cancel Btc-Alpha will be a subject for hack if not maintained properly. cancel Deposits aren’t free, a type of fee has to be paid.