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Paribu is another Turkish-based cryptocurrency exchange platform that allows you to trade easily and safely in Turkish Lira and Bitcoin. The site has an easy navigation and within few seconds, you have an account created for yourself. Paribu has been designed to suit customers so much that trading becomes so easy for them to do. However, there are sections on the site that are important to look at; • Announcements: In the announcement section, you get updated with information about coins and events happening all around the world of crypto. • Fees: There is only one type of fee paid on Paribu, and this is the Commission fees. Under these commission fees are the Market Maker Orders and Market Buyer Orders. • Request: The request section allows you to make a request directly to Paribu’s online support service or line. Features of Paribu 1. 2-Step Verification: The security of your account is in a 2-step verification method whose main priority is to safeguard your account from being hacked. 2. Cold storage: All funds and deposits made on Paribu are in a cold storage. This is necessary to avoid being hacked when connected to a network service. 3. Customer Service: They have a unique type of customer service where in case there is an issue, you can contact them and you have your reply in a short time. 4. Interface: The interface between buying and selling on Paribu is as easy as getting things done right. You can also do your work easily without having to wait for the best prices in the market.


check_circle Security is topnotch. check_circle All funds and deposits are stored in a cold storage. check_circle Customer service is distinct.