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Kraken Faces

Jesse Powell

CEO and Co-founder

Dan Held

Director of Business Development

Kraken is regarded as the best for professionals. However, this may be true after all because of the advanced and impeccable services it provides. Kraken unlike few other types of exchange platform is in for serious business -trading. With the kind of features Kraken possess, most crypto exchange platforms should look up to them for improvement of services. Because of their services, Kraken was approved by MtGox trustee for trading and exchange. Characteristics of a good trading or exchange platform 1. Security system must be advanced. 2. Relationships with banks must be trustworthy. 3. Trading engine and API technology must be sound and fast. 4. Advanced order and contract types 5. Bitcoin margin trading should be able to determine long or short positions of Bitcoins. Features of Kraken • Liquid-able: The liquidity of Kraken is in such a way that it enables funding with speed at low fees. • Reliable: Kraken offers a 24/7 support service for their customers and are legally compliant. • Secure: With a topnotch security, accounts are safe and encrypted. Funds are also stored in a cold storage. • Margin Trade: Kraken determines long or short Bitcoins position through its margin trading (Profit is multiplied with it). • Advanced Contract or Orders: The order types on Kraken are advanced and you can easily stop orders that bring losses rather than profits.


check_circle Site is easily navigable check_circle Integration process with Kraken is one-of-a-kind. check_circle Registration is fast and easy.


cancel The site has a poor theme. cancel Unlike most platforms that provide info on cryptos on their site, Kraken only gives self-appraisal.