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Indodax is a cryptocurrency exchange platform founded and has its base in Indonesia. It is involved in buying and selling of cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Bitcoin and other digital assets. This site has an easy navigation; transactions are also fast and secure. Quickly, the three things Indodax does are; 1. Buys Bitcoin or digital asset: Within an hour, you can buy Bitcoins on the site. Transactions such as deposit and payment are however made within Indonesia. 2. Sells Bitcoin or digital asset: On Indodax, you can sell your bitcoins or digital assets within few minutes and you would receive the payment in Rupiah the next day. Rupiah is the currency in Indonesia. 3. Trading: Indodax has a 24/7 service system where you can trade anytime you want, even when there are holidays. Features of Indodax 1. Topnotch Security: When a customer registers an Indodax account, the account is protected by a Multifactor Authentication as well as a Google Authenticator (this combines both an email and an SMS service). All these security protocol are just to make sure you are granted access to your own transactions. 2. Easy-to-use: Indodax doesn’t require much from you; create an account and start doing your Bitcoin transaction like buying and selling. The ease with these transactions are because Indodax is mobile-friendly. 3. Customer service support: Indodax uses a 24/7 service support where customers can relate any issue or contact them when in need of help.


check_circle Security of Indodax is strong. check_circle Site is easy to use and customer service is available.


cancel Rupiah is the local currency available on Indodax.