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Tidex is a unique type of exchange platform because you can do 4 things; buy, sell, margin and exchange. No other site is as good as Tidex in this 4 business. Registration on the site is free and you can get started as soon as you sign up. Tidex has a reputation of being fast, reliable and simple to use with series of possibilities. It allows you to trade different cryptocurrency asset, which is over 70 coins aside Bitcoins and Ethereum. You can proceed to start trading as soon as your register on Tidex. There are pairs specification as a section on the platform. Features of Tidex 1. Fee: The fees to be paid on Tidex are somewhat affordable. There is only one type of fee which is the Commission fee. This commission fee is then divided into the Market Maker Order fee and Market Buyer Order fee. 2. Security: The security of a customer’s account and funds is of great importance to the management; hence, they make sure you are protected as strong as possible. 3. Customer Support: The customer service support is perfect. All questions or issues about your account, transactions will be attended to less than 24 hours. 4. Mobile-Friendly: Regardless of where you are in the world, you can access Tidex on your phone, computer, etc. It is not dependent on a particular type of device. 5. Social platform: Tidex has social media accounts to relate well to the public and give updates to customers on these social platforms.


check_circle A perfect customer service check_circle Mobile-friendly and easy to use. check_circle Security is number one priority to the management.