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WhaleBot alerts description reads that the channel is the official channel for a sound knowledge of the price, action, social media analytics, news and more through the admin which is a bot. The description also contains a Telegram link which leads to Crypto Whalebot, this bot has the capability to send crypto prices, charts, current initial coin offerings, market movers, market caps and crypto news in general. The channel has a pinned message which goes out to subscribers who have interest in mining, and there is a Telegram link attached to the message for those who want to join. Also, the message shows the group description about the members of the group, offering help to one another irrespective of your status in the crypto world. Also, news on mining, coin reviews and troubleshooting rigs, are regularly dropped on the group. WhaleBot alerts has quite a good number of subscribers and the shared media is massive. This is an indication that WhaleBot alerts channel is very active due to the rate at which messages are sent into the channel by the admin. Features 1. The channel has many subscribers and much shared files 2. The channel is very active and updates are shared regularly


check_circle WhaleBot Alerts Telegram channel is very active and the messages in the channel are very informative and beneficial to the subscribers


cancel The WhaleBot Alerts Telegram channel prevents subscribers from posting messages, they can only read up the messages posted by the admin. cancel Subscribers are only limited to the knowledge inherent in the messages posted by the admin, they do not have the luxury of learning from one another