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The UK Crypto premium is a Telegram channel with an information for all subscribers which states that the channel is a medium to get access to Technical and Fundamental analysis, and also get to read the latest news from UK crypto. The information also contains a Gmail address belonging to UK Crypto reports. The channel also informs subscribers not to message them for the purpose of promotion or advertisements. The UK Crypto premium channel is not a really active one, as messages are not really sent into the channel. The channel has few subscribers and quite a number of shared media. Features 1. The channel has few subscribers and quite a good number of shared media 2. The channel is quite dormant


check_circle Due to the few numbers of messages on the channel, new subscribers can still access messages which have been posted a long time ago


cancel The UK crypto premium channel can be said to be dormant, and hence it is not reliable for subscribers to remain updated cancel In contrast to a Telegram group, where members of the group can still share information in order not to make the group dormant, it is not the same for a channel, as the channel would remain dormant until the channel admin is back online. Hence, subscribers to UK Crypto premium channel would have to be patient until the channel admin is available cancel Subscribers do not have the luxury of posting on the channel, they can only forward suggestions privately