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The coin farm telegram group has a brief description which reads that the group is for crypto-currency traders and for Bitcoin-VIX referral links, and not for Bitcoin maximalists, fundamentalists or serial bagholders. Below the group description, is a link which leads to The Coin farm’s link on Reddit. The coin farm telegram group has quite a number of members, however, the group seems to be quiet, as messages do not really flood the group daily, so it is easy for members who are just joining to read up messages which have been posted a long time ago. The group has few admins with Group Butler [beta], a bot, as the main admin. When a new member joins the group, the bot automatically send a short welcome message quoting the username of the member, and suggesting to the member to read up the rules and regulations guiding the group. These rules and regulations are on a particular link which comes along with the welcome message which the bot sends to all new members. Features 1. The group has many members 2. Messages which are sent into the group are not really much 3. The group has quite a lot of media files 4. The group has few admins with a bot known as Group Butler as the main admin


check_circle The group is not rowdy, and old messages can be easily accessed


cancel New members might find it inconvenient to go through the link which contains the rules and regulations