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Bitcoin UK Telegram channel has a brief channel description which talks about discussions based on crypto and bitcoin related happenings in the UK. There is a link below the channel’s description which leads to bad crypto education official website. Bitcoin UK Telegram channel has few subscribers and few shared media as well. This is a strong sign that the group is currently inactive, and probably a good number of subscribers have been forced to leave. Taking a look at the information dropped in the channel so far in 2018, there is really nothing informative, as compared to 2017 when the channel was still bubbling. Features 1. Bitcoin UK Telegram channel is dormant 2. Messages are hardly posted in the channel 3. The channel has few subscribers 4. The channel also has few shared media


check_circle Due to the dormant state of the channel, new members who just joined can still have access to old messages check_circle Subscribers are safeguarded from being scammed since it’s a channel where subscribers are not known to each other


cancel The channel is very dormant, and this is discouraging for both existing and new subscribers who must have banked on this channel for a regular feed of updates happening in the crypto world as stated in the group’s description cancel The channel has a very few amount of subscribers, this can also be attributed to its dormancy cancel The channel stands the chance to lose subscribers due to its dormant state