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Taking a look at the channel’s info, it states that the channel is dedicated to informing people of the up and coming ICOs, it also directs subscribers wanting to be listed to a Telegram link which contains the Frequently Asked Questions tagged as “Crypto FAQs”. This Crypto FAQs is a Telegram channel which has quite a number of subscribers. Also, the info clearly states that Crypto groups holds no responsibility for all listed ICOs, and that investors do so at their risk. For those who join the channel, they have access to messages being posted. However, they cannot comment on the channel in contrast to a group where everyone can comment Features 1. The channel is quite active, as updates are posted quite frequently 2. Currently, there is no shared media available


check_circle Subscribers to UpcomingICOs channel have an unlimited access to regular updates in the cryptocurrency world in general check_circle Subscribers do not know each other, hence, they cannot be scammed in any way check_circle New subscribers can go through previously posted messages as they are not really much