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Crypto alerts is a channel with a description which reads that the channel is for major crypto alerts only. Crypto alerts has quite a good number of subscribers and also few shared media. On Crypto alerts channel, no one can post on the channel or share any media. This function is limited to the group admin alone which in some cases might be a bot. Crypto alerts channel is not really active as messages are not posted on the channel regularly. However, this might be due to the reason stated in the channel’s description about the channel being in place for major crypto alerts alone. So, it can be deduced that since major crypto happenings do not occur regularly, the channel might as well remain silent. Features 1. Crypto alerts is a Telegram channel 2. This channel has few shared media 3. The purpose of the channel is for major crypto alerts


check_circle Since Crypto alerts is a channel, subscribers of the channel are shielded from being scammed, as subscribers do not know one another on the channel. check_circle Crypto alerts channel is very informative, educative and timely, as important updates are always released on the channel check_circle New subscribers have easy access to messages which were posted a long time ago


cancel Subscribers of Crypto alerts channel cannot post messages on the channel, and they cannot get to meet one another cancel Asides the knowledge and information shared by the channel, subscribers do not have the opportunity of learning from one another