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DASH Knights is a group with little info description, showing just the website and the link to the admin’s Telegram page. The number of members present in the group are fairly many, the same applies to the number of shared media. Like other groups, DASH Knights has no bot as an admin, so there are no automated messages to welcome new members to the group. Also, there are no rules and regulations guiding all existing and new members in the group. Features 1. The group’s info description is quite scanty 2. The members in the group are not many, but the number of shared media are fairly many 3. Messages enter the group at a normal rate


check_circle The messages posted in the group are quite educative and enlightening check_circle Members who just joined the group can still access old messages which have been posted a long time ago check_circle The group is quite interactive check_circle The group has a direct Telegram link to the admin’s page which is accessible to all new and existing members, this ensures that enquiries can be made from the group admin


cancel The group has no laid down rules and regulations for all members of the group, so anyone could pretend to be an admin and scam some unsuspecting members of the group cancel The main purpose of the group is not well spelled out, new members who are invited to the group could be confused on what the group is all about