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Binance announcements is a channel for crypto lovers and those who are new to the crypto world as well. The description of the channel shows four Telegram links which leads to the following: Binance official English group, Binance official Chinese group, Binance English announcements and Binance Chinese announcements. As expected of a channel, no one can comment on the channel or post any media, the major duty of the subscribers to this channel, is just to read up messages which are posted by the admin of the channel. Binance announcements channel does not regularly post messages on the group, and this makes it easier for new subscribers to read and study previous messages posted in the channel. This channel has a very few number of shared media. The number of subscribers which the channel has is quite much. Features 1. Binance announcements is a channel 2. The channel has few shared media 3. Only the admin can share messages in the channel


check_circle As a channel which prevents subscribers from posting messages, members enjoy the immunity from being scammed by some frauds which may disguise as fellow members check_circle Binance announcements drops messages at a rate which is convenient for all subscribers


cancel Binance announcements is a channel which implies that subscribers do not have the access to post messages, or even make enquiries from fellow members on the channel. This would prevent knowledge from being shared on the channel, as they are limited to just the information shared by the group admin