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The Nxt community Telegram group has eight links in its info description which leads to various crypto currency groups platforms. The group has a fairly good number of members, and the number of shared media is quite good. For new members who are just joining the group, the group admin named Group Butler, a bot, which welcomes new members to the group. The welcome message also conveys a request to the new member to go through both the rules of the group and the pinned message in a bid to have a full grasp of what the group entails. The pinned message contains an information about NXT, describing it as a blockchain platform which builds on and improves the basic functionality of pioneering cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. The information also goes on and on listing various functions of NXT, and how they intend to help new users. Also, the current features of NXT are listed, with a couple of links which contains more information. The pinned message also contains various Telegram group and channels’ links which are associated with NXT. Also, for a variety of languages asides English, there is a Telegram platform available. The message ends with a warning to all members of the group to be beware of scammers who could claim to be admins Features 1. The group has a good number of members and a good number of shared media 2. The group contains a pinned message which is very exhaustive and alongside informative


check_circle The group is regularly stocked with information and news updates check_circle The group is very active, members cannot be discouraged from leaving