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Bitcoin channel info description contains various Telegram links which leads to various groups and channels whose names are as follows: as Crypto news, Trading, Altcoins, DAPPs, Buy with BTC and Japanese. Bitcoin channel has a good number of subscribers and the shared media is quite much. This suggests that the channel is an active one which receives updates on a regular basis. Just like all channels would, subscribers do not have the freedom to post on the channel because they have been prevented from doing so. The channel has a pinned message welcoming new subscribers and assuring them of getting latest news and updates about Bitcoin. Also, the message also contains the same Telegram links as in the channel’s info description. At the end of the message, is a direct link to Bitchannelsbot for any subscriber who has proposals and enquiries. Features 1. The channel’s description leads to various group and channel’s links which are crypto-currency related 2. The channel has a lot of subscribers and the number of shared media is on the high side


check_circle Subscribers are constantly updated with the news posted on the channel check_circle Regular and informative posts are posted on the channel and this keeps the group active check_circle Subscribers are protected from being scammed because it is a channel and hence, they do not know one another


cancel Subscribers cannot interact with one another and share knowledge on crypto-currency related issues cancel Subscribers are only limited to the information on the channel