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The channel description of ICO reports Telegram reads that the channel is meant for ICO reports and also the community ratings of the upcoming ICOs. There are two Telegram links below the channel’s info, which are the pages of the admins. ICO reports has many subscribers and just a very low number of shared media. Features 1. One special feature which ICO reports Telegram channel has is, even though subscribers cannot post because it is a channel, there is still a platform for them to air their views concerning each post which is shared on the channel, by voting. So, all subscribers can either like the post, dislike the post or be indifferent. To perform any of this actions requires just one click and the selected vote would be added to the already casted votes 2. The channel has a pinned message which shows the results of the “TOP 11 UPCOMING ICOs” 3. There are links which lead to the Telegram pages of the admins, and they are available in the channel’s info


check_circle The channel is quite active as messages are shared regularly check_circle The messages shared on the channel are educative and illuminating check_circle New subscribers can always check up old messages which have been shared on the channel long before they joined check_circle The link to the Telegram pages of the admins are available in the info description of the channel, so new and existing subscribers who have questions, can contact any of them