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Whalepool is a Telegram group whose basic function can be found in the group’s description. The function informs both existing and new members that the group is an avenue for everyone to interact with traders from different parts of the world through various platforms. There are a number of links which are for Whalepool’s social media platforms. There are four links which leads to: Teamspeak, Whalepool’s official website, The YouTube channel, and The Twitter account. The group has a massive amount of shared media, which is a strong indicator that the group is very active. Features 1. Whalegroup is an active Telegram group 2. The group has a lot of shared media 3. There is an automated welcome message for every new member who joins the group


check_circle The group is a very active one, and hence members of the group can interact and get to meet each other personally check_circle Also, all members of the group are entitled to information which would be shared by not only the admins, but some members of the group check_circle Once a new member joins, a bot welcomes you to the group and pleads with you to go through a link in order for you to read up the rules of the group


cancel New members who are joining this group would be restricted from sending messages to the group for two full weeks, before the restriction ban is lifted cancel Members of the group stand a chance to be scammed if they are not careful cancel Since the group is very active, non-active members of the group would find it hard to keep up