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Bitshares DEX group info contains links to various related Telegram groups and channels. There is also an instruction to all intending members to set up a profile photo and go through a link which contains the rules of the group before they start posting. Checking though the link, you would discover that it is a channel named BitsharesDEXterms. On this channel, all the rules guiding the members of the group are clearly stated here. There are also stern warnings to punish defaulters. For all new members, they are restricted from posting any media file or link for 30 days. The rules also state that security measures would be taken against those who spam. The end of the post which contains the rules, shows different bitshares links and the ones available in some languages. Bitshares DEX has a large number of members in the group and also a lot of media files. The group is very active owing to the tons of messages which flood the group every time. The group looks coordinated due to the rules which guide it. The group chats also contains a pinned message by an admin, which repeats the same rules which guide the group. Features 1. Bitshares DEX group has a lot of members and shared media 2. Bitshares DEX group is an active one as messages are posted regularly


check_circle The messages shared by the admins and everyone in the group are very informative check_circle The admins are quite active, so defaulters of the rules would be easily spotted