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Token Market is a Telegram group which has an info description informing existing and new members that the TokenMarket ICO calendar and new tokens are observed, and also that spam messages would be deleted. Token market group has quite a good number of members, however the number of shared media is very low. Also, the messages sent to the group are not really much and this keeps the group in a good state, new members would be willing to stay since the group is not a dormant one. Features 1. The group has a profile picture which is an inscribed text “Token Market”, with ‘Token’ in black color and ‘Market’ in light green color 2. The group has a lot of members, and very few shared media 3. The group can be said to be fairly active, as messages are posted on the group from time to time 4. The group is not really interactive


check_circle A number of messages posted on the group are informative and essential to the purpose of the group check_circle Due to the fact that the group is quite active and not really interactive, new members might still be encouraged to remain on the group check_circle New members can easily read up old messages which were posted before they joined the group


cancel The group has no laid down rules and regulations for existing and new members cancel Members of the group could get scammed since there is no rule guiding that