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According to Pump n Dump channel description, the channel serves the function of providing alerts to real-time crypto pumps and dumps. The channel has few subscribers and there is currently no shared media available. The Pump n Dump can be said to be dormant, as news updates have not been posted there for a while. The channel has also experienced a drop in the number of subscribers. Features 1. The channel’s profile picture is a sign post which reads ‘No Dumping’ 2. The channel currently has few subscribers due to its dormancy 3. News updates are not regularly posted in the channel


check_circle New subscribers and even existing subscribers, can still refer to the channel for any existing news which has been posted in the channel before


cancel Pump n Dump is an inactive channel, this is due to the fact that news updates are hardly posted in the channel. This would obviously serve as a source of discouragement to existing and new subscribers. Looking at the number of views on some of the posts, and comparing it with the number of available subscribers, you would notice that there is a big decline, as many Telegram users have unsubscribed from the channel cancel Pump n Dump can no longer serve the function of posting regular news updates except if the channel is revived cancel The channel has no shared media, and it tells to an extent how dormant and uninformative the channel is