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Monero Enthusiasts’ group info reads that the group is currently not relayed due to spammers. It also reads that Monero is a secure, private, untraceable currency, further stating that it is an open source making it freely available to all. The group also has quite a number of members and shared media too. The group is also active due to the number of messages which are sent in daily. There is a pinned message which talks about funding required for moneromoo coding. The admins do not seem to be active in the group because they hardly send messages. This could pave way for disorder in the group. Features 1. Monero Enthusiasts is an active Telegram group 2. The group’s info states that the good qualities of Monero currency 3. The group has a good number of members 4. The group has quite a number of media files


check_circle Members of the group are beneficiaries of regular news update and information about the business world in general check_circle The group is very active, and hence new members would feel welcome


cancel The admins rarely post in the group, and scammers might take advantage of this to swindle some members of the group cancel There are no laid down rules for both existing and new members cancel The admins of the group are not known. Hence, new members especially would not know whom to make enquiries to, and they might end up falling into the wrong hands