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Purse is a platform designed for Cryptocurrency integration within eCommerce. In a nutshell, Purse is enabling individuals who have Amazon gift cards to buy items on Amazon using those gift cards and exchange the items for Cryptocurrencies. They claim to have the best deals and boast over 200,000 users and $4.15 million dollars in discounts. The average discount according to the site is around 15%. There are three ways to utilize Purse. 1. Shop for items and receive discounts for using Cryptocurrencies. 2. Import a wish list from Amazon and quickly see which discounts are applicable. 3. Earn bitcoin by fulfilling shoppers’ Amazon orders. As an “earner” you will be using your own personal Amazon gift cards to purchase items for consumers wishing to purchase those items with cryptocurrencies. You are essentially the middleman between cryptocurrency users and Amazons marketplace. As a “buyer” you set the discount amount for the item you wish to purchase. This discount can essentially be viewed as the crypto transaction fee plus a little extra for providing the earner cryptocurrencies. Typically, a high discount requirement results in a longer waiting period for buyers to fulfill your order and on the flip side, a small discount requirement results in smaller waiting periods.


check_circle This is a great way to turn unused Amazon gift cards into cryptocurrencies. check_circle This is also a great way to buy discounted products with cryptocurrencies.


cancel Strictly under assumptions, I would worry that Purse could become obsolete at any given time. If Amazon decides to accept cryptocurrencies on its platform directly, there will be little to no use for Purse anymore other than the discount option and ability to get rid of Amazon gift cards. cancel There are reports online of scammers attempting to play the system. Buyer and sellers need to take caution and ensure the person you choose to deal with is an ethical individual.