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Bitrefill is a cryptocurrency based platform allowing users to refill and top up subscription based services such as SIM cards and also add funds to wallets on select platforms. You can also use Bitrefill to purchase gift cards and vouchers. Finally, bitrefill has a blogging section focused on it’s services, Bitrefill news, and new bitrefill relationships. Vouchers available: Vouchers change dramatically depending on which country you’re accessing Bitrefill from. Here are some popular vouchers I found: Steam, Reddit Gold, hotels.com (USD), HotelGift(USD), G2A Coins, FlightGiftCard (USD), TMobile (UK), O2 United, Vodafone, Minecraft PIN, GiffGaff, Viber, Amazon UK, and many more. Whats available to you largely depends on what country you’re residing in. I found that the United States is not even an option, nor is Taiwan and several other major blockchain adopting countries.


check_circle The idea is great and in the right direction. Allowing cryptocurrency users another easy avenue to pay with cryptocurrency is always a great addition to the community. check_circle There are several countries listed and supported so this website is useful for some.


cancel You wont receive your refill or vouchers until the site actually receives payment, thus resulting in a potential for long delays at the mercy of the blockchain.