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Upon visiting the site, users will be greeted with intense space travel like graphics and videos. It’s a very interesting design that is quite unique. Virgin Galactic is a sister company of Richard Branson’s Virgin Group. This companies focus is on developing space vehicles for commercial space travel. The site contains tons of interesting information regarding their mission to democratize the space frontier and provide everyday consumers the opportunity to visit outer space. The site has one use for bitcoin and that is to buy yourself a ticket into space. Richard Branson claims they convert the Bitcoin to USD immediately, so it seems more of like a marketing ploy than anything, but it’s still really incredible to see Bitcoin being used in such a way! I’d imagine they would accept most cryptocurrencies upon discussion, however there is little to no information to support this.


check_circle Do I even need to list the fact that you can buy a ticket to space as a pro? check_circle Using a futuristic currency to buy a ticket to futuristic space travel!


cancel The site, although visually stunning and very interesting, is quite difficult to navigate. cancel Finding where you can purchase tickets via Bitcoin is incredibly difficult. I had to actually google it aside from the website to find it.