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Pizzaforcoins is quite ironic of a website because it is widely known by the crypto community that someone used 10,000 bitcoins to purchase two pizza’s back in 2010, which is one of the first and most famous purchases in the history of cryptocurrencies. When first arriving to the site, you’ll notice they build credibility by showing popular business mentions such as Forbes, BBC, Mashable, WSJ, and Fox News. Immediately on the home page, you’ll find a streamlined process for ordering Pizza. You’ll choose to place an order, the platform relays that information to the store, and you eat some delicious pizza. Easy, right? Yes! Pizzaforcoins implements Shape Shift technology and accepts over 50 cryptocurrencies as payment. Typically, users tend to prefer bitcoin to remain private, but of course, in ordering pizza you must provide an address. This website claims they never store, sell, or distribute any of the information they receive from you and only collect data that is directly related to the delivering of your beautiful pies. If you’re trying to resist pizza because you’re on a diet, DO NOT VISIT THIS WEBSITE. You will be subject to a plethora of photos depicting tasty and beautiful pizzas on every page.


check_circle Ordering is simple and once completed, a hash address is shown. All you have to do is send the correct payment amount to the provided hash address and you’re done! check_circle They claim they don’t save or distribute your personal data.


cancel Really the only con here would be that not all countries are supported. cancel Another possible con could relate to privacy concerns. Considering a lot of people use cryptocurrencies to remain completely anonymous, they may find that inputting their address is a bit counterintuitive.