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Coincheck is a crypto lending platform with a great customer service and its main priority is to help users or customers with exchanges and other crypto-related services available. They are the largest crypto or Bitcoin lending platform all around Asia with different achievements to boast about. The site looks mobile-friendly and the first thing you are advised to do is either sign in or sign up. For signing up, all you need is to fill in your email and password. Coincheck site first expresses its concerns on its services to clients or users and how they tend to improve in case there were difficulties accessing the site. You can get Coincheck on Google play, so you can use easily without stress. Registration is free and within few seconds, you can start getting updates on new lending methods or info on Coincheck. Features of Coincheck 1. Buying and Selling of Bitcoin: Being one of the largest group in Asia, they offer a 24/7 service in ensuring Bitcoin is sold and bought by the right customers. 2. Exchange: It holds the largest Bitcoin Exchange all through Japan and few other Asian countries. 3. Payment: Payment is made in Bitcoin but sales are rather received in JPY. 4. Lending: Lending is the most important feature Coincheck possesses and customers agree to the fact that they consume loan contract as well as refund cryptos which are the same rate with amount deposited.


check_circle Performs all different kinds of operation with Bitcoin. check_circle Buys and Sells Bitcoin easily. check_circle Maximum regard for customer’s satisfaction.