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It is important that novices in any field of interest seek knowledge in order for them to get better and grow. In the field of cryptocurrency trading, knowledge is paramount as it can hinder or promote success in the field. This video “how Bitcoin works in five minutes” is a well-detailed video which tells or teaches novices in the business the basic things that they must know before indulging in crypto trading most especially in Bitcoin. This video deals strictly with Bitcoin and explains how it works in just five minutes. The video teaches something about how to know the transaction chain to use when just joining, how to send Bitcoin from one person to another all over the world and lots of other stuffs. It also teaches us that it is impossible to steal Bitcoin from someone because of their very sophisticated account security system such that each account holder has an encryption key with a signature unique to the owner alone. This video also lectures us that Bitcoin is a digital ledger through which exchange of money is made possible by file exchange. This video can be very helpful and useful to someone who just wants to know about Bitcoin and wants to indulge in the trade. This video was posted on a YouTube channel which one can subscribe to in order to get more insightful videos. It also has a comment section where viewers get the opportunity to say what they feel about the video.


check_circle It is easily accessible simply by using a mobile device or laptop. check_circle It deals only with Bitcoin check_circle It offers cheap and quick access to useful and important information. check_circle A link is provided below the video where the video is transcribed into writing.


cancel The video does not say anything about trading. cancel It is too short for viewers to understand how Bitcoin works. It may even confuse some people more.