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Beginning something new might be difficult without the necessary knowledge on the subject. It is necessary to seek knowledge in full when it comes to trading and investing what involves risk taking (money). This “ethereum in 25 minutes” is a video created by Ethereum foundation on a YouTube channel made available and reachable for millions of people that could not be present at the seminar. Actually some sets of people happen to learn faster or like to learn by listening and watching instead of reading. This video entails well-detailed information on ethereum blockchain anchored by Vitalik Buterin who was the lead speaker of the program. He talked about several parts of the ethereum blockchain, how it works, the uses of blockchain in other phases apart from cryptocurrencies and money. Ethereum foundation Chief Scientist talks exclusively and describes ethereum in full in this video on YouTube in which one can learn useful information about ethereum in just 25 minutes at your convenience using your mobile device. Viewers can also subscribe to this YouTube channel in order to get other useful and insightful videos posted by Ethereum foundation. This video also gives insights on the benefits and advantage of using ethereum blockchain.


check_circle Viewers can post their comments and get answers in the comment section below. check_circle Very much can be learnt at one’s convenience in a short period of time. check_circle It is easily accessible.


cancel The video is not audible enough. cancel The important aspect of the video, which is supposed to be the display of the slides, was neglected. cancel It doesn’t teach how to trade.