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Sometimes in order to learn something better, it is best to watch videos with illustrations or listen to audio over and over. It makes learning more interesting. This video addresses a set of people that are curious about how Bitcoin works, the Bitcoin network and are willing learn about it. It focuses solely on Bitcoin and no other, located on a YouTube channel. This video entails a short introduction if how Bitcoin works and its operation all around the globe. Just like the way one can send money from one person to another, this video enlightens us that Bitcoin can also be transferred from person A to person B. It also lectures that in order to avoid theft, Bitcoin devised a form of security measures in which each account owner owns an encryption key, which creates a kind of signature unique to only the user. This video also teaches a lot of other interesting facts about Bitcoin which could help understand how the system works such as maintenance of the ledger, who maintains the ledger, how to Bitcoin using a wallet. This video also explains the concept of transferring Bitcoin from person to person,


check_circle This video is easily accessible on YouTube. check_circle One can learn a lot about how Bitcoin works within a short period of time. check_circle It offers quick access to useful information. check_circle It allows viewers to comment on the video. check_circle There are also other helpful videos on the channel that one can learn from. check_circle It deals uniquely with only Bitcoin.


cancel The video is kind of short.