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The first thing you’ll notice is “The only forum that pays you to post”. Sweet. Except that’s pretty much what Steemit is only 10000x better. But okay, lets take a look. Only 27 users online when I visited last, so I’m not exactly holding my breath here. Aside from the typical forum layout that you’ll find essentially copy/pasted 100+ times throughout the crypto world you will notice a guide section. This is actually quite unique and I applaud them for trying something new. Users can write guides on pretty much anything crypto related and set them in 1 of 3 difficulty tiered categories. This really is a fantastic place for newbies to come and digest tons of information from self-proclaimed masters of crypto. As far as getting paid goes, it looks like users are rewarded for posting via the sites proprietary currency which can be used to convert into popular cryptocurrencies. Unfortunately, I can’t explain this process in greater detail because when I click on the rules and terms section, the page seems to be down. Awesome! Crypto forum topics that you’ll find here and just about everywhere else as well: Terms of service (not active for my visits) New member introduction - Training Beginners Bootcamp Intermediate Level Expert Level - General Discussion Crypto Currency News (yes they do have a space between crypto and currency) (lol) Altcoin Reviews ICOs Crypto Mining Off topic - Progress and success threads


check_circle They at least tried to offer something unique and above and beyond the traditional crypto forum stature.


cancel Unfortunately this site isn’t very active yet.