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Dether is a peer-to-peer exchange where users can buy and sell cryptocurrencies in a wide variety of local currencies. Dether has their own native token, DTH. It started as a platform to help users buy Ether with cash and also to locate stores where they can use the Ether. Dether facilitates users to find sellers in their area. Sellers have reputation scores and also choose their own fees. Dether also facilitates the conversation between the buyer and seller. Dether has their own wallet which facilitates exchange between different cryptocurrencies within the wallet. The wallet functions on a mobile. Security is questionable as details about the wallet are lacking from the website. The Dether project is very recent. The development of the project was funded via an ICO which raised approximately $12 million. The ICO ended in February 2018. The Dether project shows promise as it facilitates useful features. Being able to locate sellers to buy Ether in your local currency along with locating the user are features which provide a lot of value. The inner-wallet conversion of cryptocurrencies will also be useful to those looking to trade and use cryptocurrencies. Currently, there is not a wide support for cryptocurrencies on Dether. The project is too early to be a key exchange but holds promise going forward.


check_circle Facilitates users to buy cryptocurrencies with their local currency check_circle In-wallet conversion check_circle Locate stores which accept Ether


cancel Very early stage project cancel Security of wallet is questionable