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Bitfinex Faces

Giancarlo Devasini

Chief Financial Officer

Stuart Hoegner

General Counsel

Peter Warrack

Chief Compliance Officer

Jean-Louis van der Velde

Chief Executive Officer

Paolo Ardoino

Chief Technology Officer

Bitfinex is a site for you when it comes to digital assets and cryptocurrencies. It uses a person-to-peer funding market to enhance margin trading with cryptocurrencies. They offer different order types where traders have the opportunity to maximize every market situation. Often regarded as the world’s most leading platform, Bitifinex also has advanced tools where graphical representation of market fluctuations and exchanged rates are provided. You can either open a Bitfinex account or view how it works through a Demo play. Bitfinex support currencies like; JPY, BTC, USD, GBP, EUR, however, each of them has a role to play in exchange and their crypto pair. For instance, the top-rated crypto pair for USD are; 1. BTC/USD 2. EUR/USD 3. EOS/USD 4. XRP/USD 5. BCH/USD 6. LTC/USD 7. ETC/USD and several others. Features of Bitfinex The following are incredible features of Bitfinex; • Exchange: Bitfinex allows users to exchange cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin easily. This is why Bitfinex is known to be one of the best liquid order book in 2018. • Margin Trading: Margin trading is made possible through the peer-to-peer funding platform where customers trade and make leverage. • Margin Funding: When traders get funds by liquidity providers, liquidity providers are given an interest for providing these services. • Topnotch security: The security features of Bitfinex makes it easy to safely secure funds and protect user’s account. There are 2 security systems on Bitfiinex, they are; 2-Factor Authentication and Universal 2nd Factor.


check_circle Bitfinex secures user’s account and funds with 2 security systems. check_circle Bitfinex currently has the most liquid order book. check_circle The exchange platform is involved in Margin Trading and Funding.