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The traffic of people involved in bitcoin trading daily is ever rising leading to increasing transactions daily it is, therefore, a necessity for enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, traders, investor, miners, and blockchain experts to continually monitor the myriads of transactions made daily. Numerous avenues are now available on various platforms like social media channels or communities are created for the sharing of ideas among like-minded individuals or dedicated websites where individuals can track the changes in the market. One of such websites is "Bit force 5" which offers a unique bitcoin visualization. It utilizes bitcoin activity from a blockchain feed from blockchain.info to create a spectacular display for users to analyze the bitcoin activity. About 300 transactions, addresses, blocks, and relays are utilized with links of the oldest and smallest transaction values are discarded as weak links to ensure only recent and significant transactions are available to avoid clutter. the website tries to be user-friendly providing a set of control guide where users can switch on and off the mined blocks, source and destination addresses and even sound settings. Bit force 5 still maintains a very fast update of the different transactions as they are made when compared with websites that offer similar services but not all transactions are displayed so it is better used for entertainment purpose only.


check_circle Information is given in real-time check_circle The identity of the person performing the transaction is kept hidden


cancel Information provided isn’t accurate due to the fact only a fraction of transactions is sent, received or presented