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With the increasing traffic of people getting into bitcoin trading daily there is as an increasing number of website being created to get the knowledge required by the enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, traders, investor, miners, and blockchain experts on the daily bitcoin transactions, one of such website is Bitlisten.com that helps through the use of bubbles in creating a visual image of bitcoin transaction between people this has provided invaluable help to people looking for a website to monitor the flow of bitcoin around the world since bitcoin is arguably the biggest online currency in the world right now. Bitlisten.com essential creates a bubble with variable sizes as money is being sent between individuals. The size of this bubbles is dependent on the amount of money being sent the larger the money the larger the bubble. The users also have the option of transaction notification by sound with an adjustable pitch relative to the size of transaction made The bubbles are created in real-time by using transaction information from a 3rd party APL in which transaction details are made available to the users in less than 10 seconds after they are initiated by the sender. Exchange rates of bitcoin are also made available to users and displayed on the screen for users. Bitlisten is one of the fastest websites displaying transactions within less than 10seconds of being made by the sender when compared to similar websites.


check_circle Transactions are displayed in real-time check_circle Bubbles size relative to the amount of money transferred makes it easy to understand by users check_circle Bitcoin exchange rates are made readily available for users