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Btc Top is a private Chinese network of cryptocurrency miners that ranks #6 in the largest mining pools to date. Btc Top manages to attain roughly 7.1% of all mining shares. Something users will immediately realize upon entering their website is that there is very little information regarding the platform itself on the website. The website is very simple and really doesn’t offer very much to explore. You’ll find a computing power graph next to a “last 3 days of power distribution chart” and that’s about it other than the typical register / log in buttons. There isn’t much to say about Btc.Top other then the fact that it’s a privately-owned Chinese pool that has managed to hold its own against the mining pool giants. The pool is currently not open to the public and there are no known plans to allow public cooperation. On https://btc.com/stats/pool/BTC.TOP we can see the pool is incredibly active and hosts 3687 PH/s. It has managed to obtain 1.8% of all blocks in existence. These stats are absolutely incredible for a private network. Imagine the whales needed to sustain a competitive level for a private network in the world of mining pools. These guys aren’t fooling about when it comes to mining, that’s for sure.