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F2Pool (AKA DiscusFish) is a Chinese (Beijing) based mining pool founded in April 2013 that claims to be the largest pool of digital currencies and a leading bitcoin mining pool. They also claim they have advanced anti-DDoS capabilities and hold themselves to a very high level of security. F2Pool has mined roughly 5-6% of all blacks in the past six months F2Pool currently contains about 7.6% of the total pool mining shares. Upon further research, F2Pool seems to be the fifth largest mining pool, sitting roughly 2% behind SlushPool. F2Pool does have a WeChat which boasts real-time hash rate monitoring as well as easy to check pool and miner data. F2Pool also implements shared mining fee’s and merged mining operations. Mining pool payout minimums: 0.005 BTC 0.02 LTC 0.1 ZEC 0.1 ETH 0.1 ETC 100 SC 0.1 DASH 0.1 XMR 0.1 XMC 0.1 DCR 200 XVG 0.1 XZC Included on F2Pools website is a PoW top 100 ranking system. Included in this ranking system is a sorting system and a remaining supply indicator. There is also a Miners Revenue Comparison allowing you to easily visualize how profitable a specific piece of mining technology is. F2Pool servers: BTC Asia: stratum.f2pool.com:3333 Asia: stratum.f2pool.com:25 U.S.A:stratum-us.f2pool.com:3333 DASH Asia: dash.f2pool.com:5588 DCR Asia: dcr.f2pool.com:5730 ETC Asia: etc.f2pool.com:8118 ETH Asia: eth.f2pool.com:8008 Asia: eth.f2pool.com:8080 LTC Asia: stratum.f2pool.com:8888 Asia: stratum.f2pool.com:3335 U.S.A: stratum-us.f2pool.com:8888 SC Asia: sc.f2pool.com:7778 (For GPU & A3 Miner) Asia: sc.f2pool.com:7777 (For ETH + SC Dual Mining) XMR Asia: xmr-classic.f2pool.com:13541 XVG Asia: xvg-blake2s.f2pool.com:9008 XZC Asia: xzc.f2pool.com:5740 ZEC Asia: zec.f2pool.com:3357


check_circle Overall, the site is visually striking and easy to use. Signing up is a breeze and F2Pool seems to hold themselves to a very high standard of professionalism and high quality.