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The “Create a cryptocurrency with Ethereum” is an information page on the Ethereum.org website. Ethereum.org is the primary website for the Ethereum network. It is noted that creating a token can be quite complex. There is code provided for the basic creation of a token. There is also a more advanced code provided which is more complete code for developing a token. The most extensive section of the page is dedicated to explaining how the code works and covering more in-depth functions. With this section, users can improve their token by adding functions such as the ability to change the supply in circulation, the ability to freeze or unfreeze assets, and many more. The descriptions are detailed and also go beyond the code and delve into topics such as deploying and using the token. The page is open-source and users who wish to propose changes can fork the page from the Ethereum GitHub, edit the code, and request a merge. The open-source nature of the page along with Ethereum.org being the publisher adds legitimacy to the page and ensures that the quality is to a high standard. Overall, it is a detailed source on how to create a token but requires that readers have a solid level of Solidity.


check_circle A detailed account of creating a token check_circle Open-source check_circle Published on Ethereum.org check_circle Further information on deploying and using the token


cancel Requires knowledge of Solidity