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Before we get started I will drop this disclaimer. At the time of this review, Bitcoinity claims this is the Beta version of their services. This means that at any time, they may update and change things drastically rendering this review obsolete. With that said, lets dive in! upon entering the site, users will first see this crazy colorful graph taking up the majority of their screen. This graph is based on Bitcoin Trading value and is highly customizable. First, you can change the time frames at the top of the graph. Under the graph you will find several customizers to change. These include what fiat currency you wish the data to be displayed in, what exchange you are basing this data off of, comparison of different data points, and you may also select several different chart types. This chart feature is actually really interesting and provides a lot of insight to trading volume. Even better, you can export the data and the chart as CSV or XLSX. To the left of the main chart you can select from a list of different market types and also different blockchain variables. For example, I could change the chart to reflect Price and volume or arbitrage rates. I could also look into the blockchain section to display hashrate data or mining difficulty. It took me awhile to realize but this entire website is built around this one customizable chart and its awesome!


check_circle The chart is highly customizable and, if you know how to read it, can provide tons of information check_circle It’s incredibly easy to use


cancel If you don’t know how to read this chart, there aren’t any instructions so you’re just kind of wasting your time playing with the variables.