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Tradingview is by far one of the most popular trading tools in todays cryptocurrency space. You’ll see the most popular crypto YouTubers using this platform as well as even professional investors. The platform has several functions and the one we are focusing on here is the chat function. Tradingview is slowly turning into a great spot for social media type activity. Looking past Tradingviews powerful charting tool, you will find thousands of trading ideas, strategies, opinions, guides, and analytics for free! That’s right, conversing on Tradingview is free, which can be a pro or a con. Of course, with access to the chat section being free, there are a lot of spammers, affiliate marketers, scammers, misinformation, etc. This doesn’t mean you cant find great educational content and even a little entertainment. Possibly the most powerful aspect of Tradingview is the ability to publish your technical analysis charts directly to the social media area with a detailed description of what you’re doing and how you’re doing it! This allows a lot of new comers to learn and implement trading strategies and really just makes for great conversation.


check_circle A huge library of indicators, charting tools, and trading strategy discussions. check_circle Chats can easily be supplemented with content from the platforms charting tools. check_circle The chat wasn’t always available in a stand-alone window, however, due to popular community demand, they have implemented a standalone chat platform.


cancel No vetting. Any user can post any information they like. There is a lot of misinformation here. Some intentional, some due to ignorance. cancel Tons of people use this to recruit affiliates or drive traffic to their paid services.