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LastCrypto provides a curated ICO list by expert ICO analysts. Aside from that list is a forum where you can discuss just about anything cryptocurrency or blockchain related. The forums include general information, news and discussions about cryptocurrencies, events, blockchains, technology. Formed in July of 2017, LastCrypto is a great and well updated source for Initial Coin Offerings, ICO Information and advice from trusted members of the community on our Forum. The forums unfortunately seem dead thus far and there really isn’t much to talk about in respect to this. The website is laid out very professionally and it’s a shame there isn’t more information submitted by users, however, with such a great setup and a good reason to visit (the ICO list), I believe these forums could come alive when crypto surges once more.


check_circle The forum looks to be well set up and could be a great place to find information related to cryptocurrencies and blockchain advancements. check_circle Paired with an updated list of ICOs, the forums should be able to offer a good place to discuss what the list entails.


cancel The forum is dead. There are 0 active users and only a handful of dead threads.