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The Cryptominded community boasts access to 2000+ members on basically anything crypto related. They claim the group is very diverse and that they hoast weekly online events. These events sometimes include critiquing and discussing new ICO projects in peer reviews, online livestreams, and various other community oriented events. Cryptominded also hosts meetups and “Cryptobeers” events around the world giving users a chance to meet their cryptominded community mates in person. They claim to moderate their channels heavily and only allow a high level of quality in both information and member engagement. Cryptominded is launching a course that community members will have beta access to. To obtain access to the community, you must first sign up. This can be a little frustrating because you have no way to know how active the community is or what the discussions entail, however signing up is easy.


check_circle The invitation process now requires a social profile to join. This is to weed out bad actors who otherwise wish to stay anonymous. check_circle The platform is free thus far, although plans for a paid course seem to be in the works. check_circle The platform is very easy to navigate and find information that you are interested in.


cancel There have been reports of phishing attempts and various other nefarious behaviors by bad users. The community simply cannot be policed 100%. cancel The invitation process, although a pro, is also a con because you relinquish your anonymity when joining.