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Bruce Fenton

Board Member

Michael Perklin

Board Member

Brock Pierce


Bobby Lee

Vice Chairman

Vinny Lingham

Board Member

Building an investment company is one thing; awareness and gaining absolute control is another. Bitcoin is one of the biggest trading crypto coins in existence and it is pretty important to inform people about it and get them sensitized about its benefits. This is what led to the creation of the Facebook channel BitcoinFoundation. BitcoinFoundation is a non-profit making organization targeted solely towards getting people aware of Bitcoin, its benefits, how it's been used and its related technology. This platform also ensures proper coordination of the members in the Bitcoin community. You get to know the latest happenings in relation to bitcoin and its level of awareness all over the world. With the coming together of trusted board members, BitcoinFoundation is all and out to educate stakeholders and protect the cryptocurrency image around the world. Once you join the platform, you can follow the trends and even post your messages which will be replied to within a day.


check_circle You get to know how large the market keeps going and how well it is being supported by the people. check_circle It's a non-profit making Organization, so, no one is taking your money, instead, you are being sensitized.


cancel The platform is not so active as posts only come in once or twice in a month.