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OP_Return on the Bitcoin blockchain is a way of writing arbitrary information onto the blockchain itself. This can allow for things such as mini contracts to prove ownership of assets. Many people in the Bitcoin community think that using OP_Return is irresponsible. This is because this extra information could clog up the system with unwanted data. This is considering the fact that Bitcoin’s primary purpose was to record financial transactions only. The OP Returns website is an uncomplicated website and aims to provide statistical information on OP_Returns. The website consists of one page where you can scroll down and see their different statistics on OP_Returns. The website shows us four different graphs: ● Number of transaction outputs and number of OP_RETURN ○ This graph shows the number of outputs with the number of OP_Return outputs against time. ● OP_RETURN sizes ○ A bar chart showing the OP_Return by size and the most used sizes. ● OP_RETURN protocols ○ A pie chart displaying the most popular OP_Reuturn Protocols by percent. ● OP_RETURN protocols last 30 days ○ A pie chart showing the most used protocols by percent over the last 30 days. The graphs are displayed in an easy to read manner with you being able to adjust for what type of data you want to be displayed and the timeframes you would like to see. There is some unique information here that would be difficult to find on other Bitcoin statistic websites. However, the website still is very basic and it would be hard to compare these stats to other Bitcoin stats if you were intending to look for trends.


check_circle Easy to read graphs, displayed with a lot of information and historical data. check_circle Unique data sets hard to find on other websites.


cancel Cannot compare OP_Return stats with other Bitcoin stats, therefore hard to get a big picture view. cancel A basic website, it would be useful to have some background information on the graphs and why the information they display is relevant.