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Coin Dance is a very easy website to navigate with a huge amount of data on the Bitcoin network. The website is community driven and they believe that the information on the Bitcoin network should be clear and concise for anyone to access. This, in turn, will lead to community spirit and the decision making can involve everyone interested in the Bitcoin network, regardless of technical expertise. Coin Dance is still under development, but they currently provide: ● Volume ○ Shows which countries are trading the most volume of Bitcoin on P2P exchanges. ● Poker ○ Play poker with Bitcoin in the Coin Dance ecosystem. ● Nodes ○ Find out which Bitcoin nodes are currently being run and compare historical trends between them. ● Blocks ○ Shows Bitcoin proposals that miners are voting for. Also shows historical mining data and the largest miners of the Bitcoin Network. ● Vanity Addresses ○ Customise your Bitcoin address ● Statistics ○ A massive range of statistics on the Bitcoin network such as price, google search volume, market cap, engagement by age/gender, bitcoin community interests. ● Politics and Opinion ○ Classifies Bitcoin legality status by country from legal, restricted, and illegal. There is a lot of data free for any user.


check_circle Easy to read statistics covering a massive range of topics. check_circle Volume by country for OTC market is a nice development and hard to find on other websites. check_circle Legality by country is particularly useful in the current cryptocurrency environment. A colour-coded map of the world makes it easy to see the countries for and against Bitcoin.


cancel No information on altcoins or a way to compare directly to Bitcoin but this is under development. cancel Not able to compare different stats against each other to look at trends.