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ViaBTC was founded in 2016 so is a relatively new cloud mining platform. Most of the ViaBTC team are from Tencent and other dotcom companies in China. The website is very transparent about the team and company origins. Also, ViaBTC is one of the biggest mining pools in the world. This gives it a more reliable reputation when it comes to cloud mining. ViaBTC has also had a very good reputation for its uptime, which is currently 99%. Due to this reliable uptime, they have been able to make payouts on time and meet customers needs. ViaBTC support mining contracts for a number of different cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum and Dash. It is very easy for new users to sign up on the website and the mining services. All that is required is an email address and a phone number. There are two sets of fees associated with the contracts chosen, maintenance fees and management fees. Maintenance fees vary depending on the type of cryptocurrency chosen. For example, a daily maintenance fee of 0.144 USD is required if mining Bitcoin. As for management fees, there is a flat rate of 6% on all cryptocurrencies. Payouts from the pool are made on a daily basis and there is no length limit for the contract. But if there are zero yields for 10 consecutive days, then the contract will be terminated automatically.


check_circle Transparent company and one of the biggest mining pools in the world. check_circle Daily payouts. check_circle Easy to sign up for the services. check_circle Good website design and it is easy to find information on their services.


cancel Relatively large management fee of 6%. cancel Only a limited number of plans available compared to other cloud mining services.