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Nuvoo is a cloud mining company based in Quebec, Canada. They aim to provide cost-effective mining solutions to beginners and experts alike. They provide transparent information on their website about the team and the mining operations they have in Canada. Being in Canada, they spend less on electricity and less on cooling as the climate is cold and electricity is cheap. The website also has live webcams showing the mining rooms and the activity going on inside them. Nuvoo support mining for a number of different cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Zcash, and Ethereum. They offer users a range of packages for the mining of each of these cryptocurrencies. For example, the Bitcoin package has four different options: ● Starter: 270 USD for 1875 GH/s ● Bronze: 810 USD for 5265 GH/s ● Silver: 1625 USD for 11250 GH/s ● Gold: 3250 USD for 22500 GH/s There are no maintenance fees involved, but they do have an electricity charge. The electricity charge is a daily fee of 0.00021 USD/GH/s. The website displays all this information in a very easy and transparent manner. It is a simple process for the user to sign up and choose their package. There have been issues noted from users online with delays in contracts beginning.


check_circle Very transparent company and website. check_circle Provides webcams so users can see inside the mining centre. check_circle Cheap electricity fees and no maintenance fee due to the advantageous geographical area of the mining operation.


cancel Cannot join unless you have a referral. cancel Delays in contracts beginning have been noted by users online