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MyCoinCloud is a cloud mining service founded in 2015 based in Bulgaria and has two data centres located in Sofia. Their website is a neat design and it is easy to find information on the team and the services they provide. MyCoinCloud provides options for mining several different types of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, ZCash, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Classic, Monero, and Litecoin. MyCoinCloud offers “lifetime” contracts for cloud mining and they vary on the amount of hashing power users wish to purchase. By lifetime contracts, the website states that it means that the duration of the contracts is not fixed. However, contracts will only be active until it becomes unprofitable to mine. If the contract cannot pay its own electricity and maintenance fees for fourteen consecutive days, it will be cancelled. In terms of fees, these will vary depending on the cryptocurrency the user chooses to mine and the amount of hash power selected. For example, Bitcoin has four different types of contract depending on hashing power: ● Bitcoin 3TH/s - fee: 2.25 USD/week ● Bitcoin 10TH/s - fee: 7.50 USD/week ● Bitcoin 15TH/s - fee: 11.25 USD/week ● Bitcoin 30TH/s - fee 22.50 USD/week Payouts for users will be weekly with a minimum payout of 0.0014BTC. Fees are directly deducted from users earnings of Bitcoins.


check_circle Easy to use and sign up for the cloud mining services. check_circle Offers a range of cryptocurrencies to mine. check_circle Up to date mining equipment and have their own data centers.


cancel Relatively high fees compared to other services.