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MiningRigRentals is a cloud mining platform and prides itself on having been developed by the mining community. They provide a service for two different sets of clients, people who want to rent mining rigs and rig owners who want to rent out their equipment. MiningRigRentals allows users to choose from a range of mining algorithms to mine a number of different cryptocurrencies. The users can also review the rigs on offer and decide which one they would like to rent. However, they must consider that specific rigs are made to mine particular algorithms. After choosing the rig you can choose how many hours you would like to rent it for and then make the relevant payment. The fact that rental can be specified in terms of hours gives a lot of flexibility to both parties of the deal. After this is settled, the user can then decide which mining pool they would like to be a part of to start maximising profits. Rig owners can benefit from this service as they can set the prices they want to rent out their services. This allows them to maximise profits and minimise risk. MiningRigRentals also ensures that rig owners will get their proceeds within 12 hours of the rental finishing. Mining Rig Rentals will charge fees to both the users and the rig owners. There is a 2% fee charged to renters on rental transactions and there is 3% charged to rig owners on any rental that they receive.


check_circle Users have a wide range of algorithms and mining rigs to choose from, they can also join many different mining pools. check_circle The contracts range from hours to weeks giving both user and owner more flexibility. check_circle The website provides a neat marketplace to match rig renters with rig owners.


cancel High fees involved for both sides of the transaction. cancel The algorithms are not explained in detail so normal investors may find it hard to decide which ones to choose.